Collaboratively Editing Documents in Adobe Illustrator

With the release of Adobe Illustrator 25.2 in February 2021 Adobe released a feature they titled Invite to Edit. Now through the use of the cloud system that Adobe has in place anyone can edit Illustrator documents with their Creative Cloud account. This is a major step forward in terms of usability and working remotely. Illustrator currently only allows for asynchronous editing currently however which we will discuss later on in the article.


In order to access this feature both you and the person you are sharing the document with must have an active Creative Cloud subscription that includes Adobe Illustrator. Also, the document in question must be saved to the Adobe Cloud. If any fonts or images are not embedded in the file then provide those to the collaborator as well.

Viewing Documents Shared with You

Accessing documents shared with you is simple with the following three options

  1. Shared With You tab in the Illustrator application on the home screen
  2. Creative Cloud Desktop App
  3. Creative Cloud Web Portal

Inviting To Edit a Cloud Document

Getting collaborators on a Illustrator document is simple. Follow the 5 steps below in order to start creating together.

Step 1: Open a Illustrator Document

Open up the Illustrator document that you want to share and select the Invite to Edit icon in the upper right corner of the application

Step 2: Invite to Edit

The prompt that follows will ask for you to save the document to the cloud if it is not already there. Click Continue under Save as a cloud document to invite people in the Invite to Edit dialog.

Step 3: Add Collaborators

Next, the dialog box will prompt you for the AdobeID email addresses that collaborators are using. Make sure the emails match the email tied to their Creative Cloud and Illustrator licenses.

Step 4: Additional Instructions/Information

If it is pertinent to send any additional information or instruction, do so in the Message section before sending the invitation out.

Step 5: Send the Invitation

Lastly, click the Invite to Edit button to send the invitation.

Receiving an Invitation to Edit

Receiving an invitation to edit automatically accepts the invitation. The notification will come through either email or the Creative Cloud application. From there you can access the file by selecting Open on the email or by navigating to the Shared with you section under the Your Work tab.

Asynchronous Editing

Currently Adobe Illustrator only supports asynchronous editing. This means that only one person can be editing a document at a time. If the document is currently open on another device a message will appear which will let you choose from the following options.

  • Click Make a Copy to work on a copy of the shared cloud document.

Click OK and reopen the document after the current user completes their edits.


Collaborative editing within Adobe Illustrator is a wonderful feature, as long as it continues to function. As I have said before, saving time and hassle is always welcome. Allowing others to make the changes they desire is something that programs like ProTools and Google Drive have had nailed down for awhile so it’s nice to see this transition to Adobe. The feature is still early in its life, yet so important and powerful it has also made its way to Photoshop and Fresco. With that said I hope for it to come to InDesign beyond the standard (yet still buggy) Share for Review option we currently have. Also, I would imagine this coming eventually to Premiere Pro and After Effects sometime down the line.

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