Project Description

My Focus Jewelry Rebrand

Finding Focus
Created under an umbrella of brands distributing to wholesalers and boutiques across the country, the My Focus Jewelry line was the first to strive toward a direct to consumer channel. They needed complete redevelopment of their brand, a modern digital storefront, and targeted social media presence to allow them to successfully compete in the e-commerce space.
Skills NeededBranding | Typography
CategoriesGraphic Design
Logo Development
We reworked their logo, incorporating pieces of their original design into our new iteration- which reflects the establishment of My Focus Jewelry and a modernized color scheme more expressive of the new brand.
Finding Identity
Previously identified under a number of ambiguous titles such as Focus, or Focus Jewelry, we sought to rebrand the company as My Focus Jewelry- a name that provides cohesion and represents the personal, inspirational aspect of the brand.
We selected colors to bring a modern, ‘simple yet chic’ look to their digital storefront and social media channels.

Website Consultation
Working with their in-house web builder, we brought their site into the 21st century providing wireframes to improve functionality, and images to fit the new look. Selling direct to consumer, a well-developed digital storefront is imperative to making conversions.

Social Media Overhaul
Image is everything, especially when trying to make a name for yourself in the increasingly competitive e-commerce arena. We initiated a complete overhaul of their social accounts, ensuring all images and messaging reflected the new brand style. We built out their Facebook and Instagram stores to utilize shoppable posts, designed Instagram highlights to display their lines, FAQ, and share info on their company culture.

Influencer Campaign
To increase brand awareness for My Focus Jewelry, we developed an influencer campaign. The goal of this campaign was to target Instagram and Youtube influencers with followers that fall into My Focus Jewelry’s target audience. We designed specialty packaging for influencers to review via ‘unboxing’ videos in front of their audience.

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