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Create Conversions With Instagram Story Ads

Story Ads | Instagram Advertising Stories, the evolution of social media from posting text updates to short video content before the likes of Tik Tok. Copying the format from Snapchat, stories quickly became a popular method for users to keep in touch and another avenue for posts to take shape. In 2018, Instagram stories were reported to be twice as popular than their predecessor on Snapchat. However, when scrolling through stories, they seem to be plagued with advertising after every other story. What makes these ads so prevalent in the format? The answer is simple, it [...]

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What is Linktree?

What is a Linktree? Originating in 2016 when two brothers identified a common problem with Instagram. How exactly does one link more than one thing? How do we get these links to last longer? The answer was simple, they created Linktree. A freemium service for Instagram that according to Linktree themselves is described by the following statement. “A Linktree not only points followers in the direction of your choosing — to your other social profiles, eCommerce store, or content you want to share — but it helps hold followers within your online [...]

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A Guide to Video Ads On Instagram

Video Ads on Instagram Video rules the web. As it has been stated before “a picture is worth a thousand words” however what does that make a video? Experts crunched the numbers for this and came to 1.8 million words a minute if the adage is to be believed. Now, that may be a slight exaggeration, however video is more important today than ever before, so why not use it to advertise. Overview Instagram, much like Facebook, offers multiple avenues to post video ads across its many platforms. Limited to 120 seconds, [...]

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Photo Ads on Instagram

Photo Ads | Instagram Advertising What is a Photo Ad? Instagram is a photo and video social networking platform. So the real question here is why choose photo advertising? Photo ads are a great way to create a simple, efficient advertisement which utilizes all the same objectives as their Facebook counterparts. These ads can even run in conjunction with Facebook. As we previously stated, objectives of Instagram ads fall into three main categories: awareness, consideration, and conversion. These include building brand awareness, reach, and traffic. Other objectives for photo ads include app installs, engagement, and conversions. [...]

Overview | Instagram Ads

Overview | Instagram Advertising What is Instagram Advertising? Instagram is one of many social media platforms available. As we covered already with Facebook, we will discuss the various options available, and advantages to each form of advertisement. Formats First it is key to know what options are available, Instagram currently offers the following ad formats. Photo Video Stories Carousel Collection Explore IGTV Shopping All of these formats have a coinciding writeup on the individual benefits and costs to the format that can be explored further. Overview Advertising on [...]

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