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How to Setup a Pixel for iOS 14.5 | Facebook Advertising

How to Setup a Pixel for iOS 14.5 | Facebook Advertising User data has been a topic of concern for the past few years with GDPR and CCPA being adopted in 2018. Apple, who in 2016 was embroiled in a data protection scandal with the FBI has claimed to take privacy and security of its users extremely seriously. The release of iOS 14.5 is another step in the direction of user privacy for Apple. Facebook, in order to keep pixels tracking, has released a method of collecting data that agrees with the new privacy requirements set [...]

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Facebook Ads | Story Ads

Story Ads | Facebook Advertising Stories, the evolution of social media from posting text updates to short video content. When scrolling through stories have you ever wondered why there is so much advertising? What makes these ads so effective that companies utilize them liberally? The numbers don’t lie. According to Facebook, stories are utilized by over 500 million people posting over one billion stories each day. As of January 2020, Facebook has seen four million advertisers utilizing stories monthly to meet their objectives. On Instagram, stories from businesses make up a third of the [...]

How to Verify a Domain on Facebook

How to Verify a Domain on Facebook Tutorial Advertising is in a constant state of change and development. Facebook has changed the way they collect events on mobile devices to cooperate with the new iOS 14.5 update. Facebook needs to make sure that the domain you’re using to advertise is verified to an account. With this enabled, companies can delegate advertising access to select advertisers in an attempt to bring accountability into date collection. Luckily this step is very easy as long as you have website access, DNS access, or web hosting access. [...]

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How to Use Video Ads on Facebook

Video Ads | Facebook Advertising Video rules the web and has cemented its place in the marketing world. As it has been stated before “a picture is worth a thousand words” however what does that make a video? Experts crunched the numbers for this and came to 1.8 million words a minute if the adage is to be believed. Now, that may be a slight exaggeration, however video is more important today than ever before, so why not use it to advertise. Facebook offers multiple avenues to post video ads to across its many platforms with [...]

Facebook Removes the 20% Rule for Ads

Facebook Removes the 20% Rule for Ads Of course after I finish writing an article on what the 20% rule is, Facebook removes the rule entirely. So a little background, when creating Facebook Ads text within an image needed to be at max 20% the size of the image. The reasoning behind this is that Facebook did some research and found that ads with that amount of text at max performed noticeably better. However this was a limiting factor when creating ads, as Facebook’s text analyzer would be finicky at best. What [...]

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