Howard’s Diamond Center 2020 Holiday Commercial

Howard's Diamond Center Diamond is Our Middle Name Howard's Diamond Center was in need of a full marketing overhaul to appeal to its target audience after years of hit and miss ideas. From branding to video advertising to web development and social media growth was seen to be possible so we made it happen. Skills Needed Branding | Typography | Shopify Categories Marketing | Video Editing | Web Development Socializing Across Media One of our key points in this strategy was to revitalize the online [...]

My Focus Jewelry Rebranding Campaign

My Focus Jewelry Rebrand Finding Focus Created under an umbrella of brands distributing to wholesalers and boutiques across the country, the My Focus Jewelry line was the first to strive toward a direct to consumer channel. They needed complete redevelopment of their brand, a modern digital storefront, and targeted social media presence to allow them to successfully compete in the e-commerce space. Skills Needed Branding | Typography Categories Graphic Design Logo Development We reworked their logo, incorporating pieces of their original design [...]

Restorative Spot Branding Campaign

Restorative Spot Branding Creating the Spot Conceived initially as a single-person massage company, the company quickly expanded to offer more for their clients, and needed a brand to match. Skills Needed Branding | Typography Categories Graphic Design The Natural Order Creating this brand was relatively simple in terms of identity. We designed a modern, yet simplistic logo containing calming greens and blues. The R and S are strong, yet also soft, just like a massage therapist with circles showing a sense [...]

Energem: The Crackening API Campaign Competition Submission

Energem Campaign Submission (Silver) Energy Based Learning A submission for a national advertising competition organized by Edventure and sponsored by American Petroleum Institute in the spring of 2018. The objective was to conduct research and create educational tools for educating 13-15 year olds about the positive aspects of the oil and natural gas industries. Conceptually called Energem, an application-based learning experience with tie-in website amongst other media was planned. Skills Needed Branding | Typography | Web Development Categories Graphic Design | Web Development [...]

Black Dawn Rise

Black Dawn Rise Night at the Movies Full movie poster mockup for a fictitious action movie entitled Black Dawn Rise including animated GIF Skills Needed Branding | Typography Categories Graphic Design Let's Work Together TELL ME MORE ABOUT YOUR PROJECT Every project starts with an idea, and I want to help your idea come to fruition LET'S TALK

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