Creating Automated MailChimp Sign-up Discounts with WooCommerce

Creating Automated MailChimp Sign-up Discounts with WooCommerce Email lists can be an effective form of marketing, even with the latest restrictions imposed by iOS 15. The conversion rates are not to be ignored especially given the opportunity cost of embarking on email marketing. A question does arise however, how does one get people to sign up for marketing emails? One common tactic is to provide a discount code upon subscription to the email list. Luckily there is an automated freemium plugin integration for WooCommerce which offers exactly that option without compromising on the free version. [...]

How to Remove Pages from a Google Listing via Google Search Console

How to Temporarily Remove Pages from a Google Listing via Google Search Console Why Remove Pages from Google? Why should a page be removed from Google? Well the answer could be one of a number of reasons, first it could be a page has been deleted and you want to remove any possibility of a 404 error. Another reason for removing pages from Google could be you’re working on a development version of a site or page that you don’t want search engines to index but don’t want all the hassle of editing the sitemap and [...]

What are Funnels? | Funnel Marketing Explained

What are Funnels? Funnels was and to some still is the big buzzword around the marketing industry. Traditionally taught as a four step process, funnels are a marketing tactic/strategy that is designed to be automated yet tailored to the desired target market. A holistic approach of always being at the forefront of the consumer’s mind with multiple interconnected pieces via various approach vectors. While some of the items in each stage can be used interchangeably and sometimes have double purpose, this is the general order for which things occur. Stage [...]

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How to Verify Google Search Console

How to Verify Google Search Console Google Search Console is a Google backed property which compiles analytic data based on Google searches. The other tools provided within Search Console are also extremely helpful for things like removing URLs from Google, evaluating site issues, and keeping track of Core Web Vitals and indexing history. All the data is usable within Google Data Studio as well for reporting purposes. Search analytics can also be linked with Google Analytics and other Google properties to provide a more full picture as to what is happening on the website from a [...]

Pantone Color of the Year 2021

Pantone Color of the Year 2021 2021 is here and with that multiple agencies have released their colors for the year. One such company is Pantone, who has been naming a color of the year for over 20 years. Pantone specializes in color trends, especially in the realm of fashion and goods. This year however they decided to break from tradition and name two colors of the year, something they haven’t done since 2016. PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating are the two colors that have been chosen. Let’s break [...]

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