How to View the Edit History of a Facebook Post

Can someone edit a Facebook post without anyone being able to see? Well no, sort of. If a post becomes edited then any user who can see the post can also view the edit history. If the post hasn’t been edited in any way then the option will not exist. Deleting and reposting will not show an edit, however a backdate will display a clock icon publicly.

How to View Edit History

Viewing the edit history of a Facebook post is simple to do and only requires four easy steps. This method works on any version of Facebook whether it is desktop or mobile/app based.

Step One: Navigate to the Facebook Page

Navigate to the Facebook page or post in question. Oftentimes it is easier to go directly to the Facebook page if this needs to be evaluated.

Step Two: Find the Post to View Edit History on

If on just the Facebook page find the post that has been edited. There is no outward indicator that the post has been edited so this will be an assumption first.

Step Three: Select the Ellipsis

On the right hand side of the post there should be an ellipsis that can be selected. This contains a list of options for admins to do with the post which we will cover each in detail separately such as editing the post or turning off comments.

Step Four: Evaluate the Post 

Now that the list is open the top option should read something like “View Edit History” and will display all edits made to the post since its original publication. If the post does not have any edits made to it then the option will not be available.


Allowing every user to see the edit history of a post is definitely a positive step, but also needs to be denoted with an icon such as a pencil or similar imagery. Transparency in social media is key in building trust in consumers and is frequently targeted for subversion. Now while a post can be deleted and republished it can only be done at that time without triggering a backdate icon. Most nefarious companies are aware of this history and will just either delete wholeheartedly or take the backdate icon. No system is perfect, however this access is a nice start.

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