Fundamentals of Design

What is a Rasterized Image?

What is a Rasterized Image? Rasterized images are a part of design. Unlike vectors, which are mathematically derived graphics formed on cartesian planes or rather grid-based systems, rasterized images rely on pixels that are a specific color. These images are finite in scale before a degradation in quality begins to occur. This is why when scaled, there is a pixelation that begins to occur that is often less than desirable. What it Is and File Standards Rasterized images are primarily made up of the following file types. .jpg .png .psd .tiff [...]

Why Create Mockups? The Importance of Mockups

Why Create Mockups? The Importance of Mockups You may ask yourself, why create mockups? Imagine this scenario as it has happened to many designers, including myself. You labor over a series of designs for hours on end. Tooling and whittling away the design to perfection. You send the client the design, and they don’t see your vision and in turn hate it. Now they may hate it for a number of other reasons, however odds are good they never saw your full vision. That leads me to the not so shocking conclusion that mockups are just [...]

What are the Basic Color Schemes: An Overview

What are the Basic Color Schemes: An Overview Color Schemes are an important part of visual design. In our third part of our series on Color Theory we will cover the basic color schemes. This is more a general overview than a deep dive into the various iterations and their histories as understanding and experimentation are key components to creativity. These aren’t hard and fast rules but rather different recipes for baking a cake. Check out part one or part two if you missed those articles. Monochromatic A monochromatic color [...]

What is Adobe Color?

What is Adobe Color? | Fundamentals of Design Color is one of the main elements of design which we have begun to cover in depth here. An often forgotten site that is a helpful tool for many designers is known as Adobe Color. So what does Adobe Color do? Well, Adobe Color offers both a color converter and color scheme creator that syncs with the Adobe Creative Cloud. Creating a Color Scheme One of the most important features of Adobe Color is the ability to create a color scheme in [...]

How to Present a Design

How to Present a Design: Presentation Perfection Presentation is everything. The way in which a design is presented to a client can influence not only how a client receives the design but also your skill as a designer. Turn yourself from amateur to pro by crafting an experience around your design presentation. In this small section of Fundamentals of Design we will cover how to present designs to clients. Mockups are Essential Mockups are an essential component to showcasing a new design. We have an article coming soon about creating [...]

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